Peter Paul Biro
Fine Art Conservation & Forensic Studies in Art

Understanding how artists’ materials were made and used throughout the centuries is fundamental to answering questions about authenticity and conservation issues. We approach these questions with a lifetime of experience combined with the latest that technology and science offer.

We are well known for our application of time-tested forensic techniques, and for our expertise in conservation science. Our research efforts, collaborations with scholars, experts, and technical specialists across many disciplines have resulted in acclaimed discoveries over the years. Some of these have been reviewed in the international media and presented in peer reviewed publications and public lectures. The roster of our clientele runs the gamut from museums to individual collectors.

Tubes of acrylic resin "plastic" paints manufactured by Leonard Bocour from the late 1940s used by many American artists at the time

Tubes of acrylic resin "plastic" paints first manufactured by Leonard Bocour between 1946 and 1949 and used by many artists of the time, including Jackson Pollock
Biro Collection of Historical Pigments

These pages aim to provide a window into the methods and tools we use in our investigations as well as some case studies. Please feel free to contact us with your projects and questions.